I Witness

By KangaZu

Abstract Thursday ....

.... Autumn leaves.

I will make this short as I have a long list of Mono Monday award winning entries to profile!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous today so not only did I sit on the deck to read the paper but we also went to Jacobsburg State Park for a November picnic!  We went up after R was done working and took a walk first before eating our supper.  I had made up some chicken salad earlier in the day so we had sandwiches and chips for our supper ... nothing fancy. 

So now the moment you've all been waiting for .... okay maybe not!

There were over 100 entries for this past MM and I had fun looking through them all. And I thank each and every one of you! 

I have awarded six hearts to the following:
pkln - I really loved this one ... especially the human aspect.
Soletrader - loved the composition. 
SkiMe - Breathtaking view.
Honeycombebeach - Wonderfully arranged table (heart to be delivered later).
Freuchie - Another breathtaking landscape.
Incredibish - It's the extra that I love! (heart given by my alter ego SquirrelsEtc.)

The following six are my picks for Honorable Mentions:
DigitalDave - Great curved building.
Dcred - I like the composition and lighting of this photo. 
Ninniex - Very cool shadows. 
yuba - Lovely little Chickadee.
Sheol - We don't have scenes like this in the States!
SandraSuisse - Maximized cabinet space!

It has been my pleasure to host Mono Monday this past week.  Judging all the great entries is so subjective but I hope you like at least some of my choices.  Thank you to all that entered this week!

Next week's Mono Monday continues the theme of Shape and Form in the Landscape with a subcategory of Leading Lines. The tag is MM355 and Majoayee is the host.

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