By strawhouse

Nothing Says Christmas......

Mrs L and I haven’t had cheesy fish for a while so we decided to meet at the garden centre today before the cafe shuts tomorrow.
We got there at 11.30am and the car park was the fullest I’ve ever seen it and I didn’t have high hopes of getting in to eat before 3pm.
Surprisingly neither the garden centre or the cafe were that busy. Where was everybody?!
We went straight to the cafe - in case everybody appeared - and chatted until someone came to take our order.
Just as I opened my mouth to order I realised my mind had gone blank. What do they actually call cheesy fish?!!
“Um. Could I have...... Um. A cheese and tuna..... Um. Toastie melt? please.”
Worth it though as the cheesy fish was as good as ever. Delicious!!!
Once we’d eaten we had a browse round the garden centre. So many lovely things.
And the singing and dancing Christmas tree that burst into Jingle Bell Rock any time you went anywhere near it!!
I popped into the shop on the way home to find out mum and I have sold a few more things. Typical that the year we get round to getting Christmas stock the shop is going to be shut for a month. But the garden centre is crammed full of candles and soap and pretty things.......
US election today. No results yet. I've got everything crossed.

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