Potato Harvest In The Mist

You may have noticed a misty theme to my blips for the past few days - we seem to have been hidden under a blanket of mist / fog for a while.

Today I could hear the potato harvest getting under way in the field behind us - so on my walk I went up past the field where they were working. Whilst I could hear the machinery it was a while before I could actually see anything - just some bright lights approaching at first followed by a shadow of the machine. Even close up it was shrouded in mist.

To me this almost would not look out of place on the sea bed - in murky water!

Bulk of the day spent at the studio with Mrs madwill - processing orders. Her eBay shop seems to have taken off as well her own site  - Advent calendar panels seem to be very popular at present - especially as she is selling them barely above cost price as we don’t want them around when we wind up the business next October!

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