Calne (Monday 9th November 2020)

I got out today before the rains set in and took this shot as I crossed the bridge at the end of Beaches Terrace across the River Marden.

The Mono Monday theme this week is Shape & Form in the Landscape: Leading Lines and is hosted by Majoayee.

9.11.2020 (1814 hr)

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Taken with Nikon Coolpix P900 (24-2000mm equivalent bridge camera)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Grateful Dead - Money Money (recorded between 30 March 1974 and 19 April 1974, CBS Studios, San Francisco CA)
Having been in a Motown bubble for a few weeks I have this week been delving into the Grateful Dead catalogue, having recently purchased 50th Anniversary editions of Working Man's Dead and American Beauty.
After a series of live albums the Grateful Dead returned to the studio in their home town where they had recorded their debut album, Coast Recorders, now taken over by CBS. Amongst the songs recorded for From The Mars Hotel was this Bob Weir song, with vocal support from recent new member Donna Jean Godchaux. The song was rarely performed by the Dead and no live performance of it surfaced on disc before 2018.
Money Money  has more than a nod to the Motown song Money (That's What I Want), written by Barrett Strong and Janie Bradford, and first recorded by Barrett Strong.
There was another version by John Lee Hooker, who had some Motown connections, credited to Barrett Strong, called I Need Some Money, but both Hooker and Strong, along with several other artists from the Detroit area, have advised that The Money Song was a song long known in the Detroit area. It allegedly arrived via Afro-American immigration from the South. John Lee Hooker himself had sung it in his youth whilst still living in Mississippi.
Bob Weir recorded a couple of Motown songs with the Dead, including Dancing In The Street and I'll Be Doggone.

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