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Family Tree

I had planned to do various jobs this morning, but got side-tracked by a message on Ancestry.
My husband recently received his DNA results and someone had contacted him, as they believed they were a match; they are both descended from a great grandparent, but from two different sisters. This person has photographs of these people; unfortunately my husband does not have any photographs of his life much before I arrived on the scene. The only two photographs I have of him from the past are the one on his Ancestry profile (which is today’s picture) and one other in his motorbike gear. These were given to him by one of his half-sisters. His mother gave a large number of photographs away before she died.
Looking at my family tree, my DNA results have produced a first cousin fathered by my Uncle. At the time he denied it was his child as he already had a wife; the DNA information proves it was his child.  Her name and her mother’s name are both correct and her birth year is the one I remember. 

Everyone should have their DNA tested; it is surprising what secrets DNA reveals!

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