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Reading with Mummy

Today’s picture is of me, Dougal, reading with Mummy. It is cold and damp outside and noisy motorbikes keep going up and down the lane; I do not like them. So I am spending time dosing and now I am going back to sleep. Love from Dougal x

The delicious smells of Christmas cake have left the kitchen and the house. I decided to have a cleaning frenzy in the kitchen today and after lunch set the oven to do a self-clean. As it cleans the oven it smells horrible, but it does a good job and I only have to wipe out the ash, once it is cold.
I also spent time opening some boxes, which had been in quarantine since they arrived. They contained small Christmas gifts as well as some gift bags, which will hold each person’s little gifts. A big Christmas with family is not happening this year, but at least there will be some presents. More are arriving by the day and my grandson has finally told me his girlfriend’s favourite colour. This is an achievement and hopefully the rest of my questions will be answered fairly soon. E is an addition to the family this year and I have only met her once, due to lockdown, so I am a little stumped for some small gifts for her.
Today’s picture is of Dougal who wants to go outside, but does not like the cold or the motorbikes.

The temperature today was fourteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon.   

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