By Pinkhairedlady

A day of walks

Met my neighbour at 8am after I’d dropped Miss PHL at the station and we walked round the country park. It was pretty empty and we walked just under 8km in the 90 minutes we walked. A really lovely way to start the day.

Walk number 2 was with Mr PHL when we took Phin round the stream before lunchtime - oddly my Fitbit registered it as an outdoor bike ride!

Walk number 3 was Phin’s second trip outdoors and we took him to the field across the main road known as the dog walk field. We had the field to ourselves and he really enjoyed gambolling about in the long grass.

Tried a Nigella recipe for pudding that we saw her make earlier in the week - chocolate and tahini - it was delicious and we all enjoyed it very much.

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