The view out of the porthole window in the office we were shown into at Hagley Road, Birmingham. It was a very dreary day.

Len was supposed to start taking the medication for his new medical trial today but the secretary told us that the surgery had not responded to the request for a summary of his medical history. Our GP practice is a joke, or at least it is in Shepshed. Nobody can get through on the phones, and I think there's at least one person who delights in being obstructive, and that's a doctor.

Thus, on the way home, we called in. I put on my best 'what do you think you're playing at' manner. Polite, but very firm. It works. We were introduced to the lady who looks after medical records and she affirmed that the company had never phoned the practice. Crossed wires and lack of communication.

We hope it's been settled now.

Basil seemed to have enjoyed himself with Laura and the boys. He'd played with Bailey (Laura's dog) in the garden and not once touched the house rabbits.

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