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Flower Friday

Another in my rose series, this one is Brass Band. I planted some new alstroemerias in the garden including one under this rose bush. The flowers are such a good colour match I am thrilled with the result, they have just opened today for the first time.

We had rain and lightening when I went to bed last night, also when I woke up. The peonies were hanging down with their sodden weight. Then this afternoon we had rain, wind and hail so I have looked up how to cut peonies for the vase and now they are in the kitchen, the whole two of them! He he. In the YouTube clip it said only pick a third of the flowers on the bush, too late for that as three into two doesn’t go....

Covid news, Victoria had reached 14 days with no new cases. NSW has had 6 days with no cases. We can now travel to all states from our place except WA as the internal state borders open up.

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