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By 59

Silly Saturday

Silly me, I forgot to take any blips today except this one of the peonies which I put in a vase of old white roses, past their best and dropping petals all over the bench. The peonies are quite tall but falling over, I’m not sure the best way to capture them. Might have another try tomorrow. They are quite big, but against the huge white roses don’t show it.

After posting the blip I noticed the plastic bag stuck to the window, I put it up there to stop the sun scorching the orchids hiding behind the vase. I can’t change it now but I find it funny that you don’t notice these things until after posting. 

We went shopping today to return some security cameras which don’t work as expected, we came home with a new computer monitor and two pillows. Our shopping trips often go a bit off track. But it makes life interesting. 

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