Second Lockdown

The rain started last night, just as predicted. Today it kept pelting down, even while the sun was shining. I looked for a rainbow but concluded I was probably in it. It’s funny how much is predictable. I thought we’d be following Europe and the UK in having a second lockdown. Our President is a useless windbag with no policies and no ideas beyond how to scam us for more money, but we do have a Governor.

Last week Governor Brown called for a “pause.” This week she declared a lockdown for Oregon from November 18 to December 2. Restaurants, bars, gyms closed. Public gardens closed. No family gatherings larger than six people from two households. “Stay local as much as possible.” That includes our Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m at loose ends tonight, will watch GBBO by myself. Normally I go over to Sue’s on a Friday, watch the new episode of GBBO with her, and stay for the weekend. But now on school days I only have an hour with the kids after online school ends because I can't safely drive at night (the old rods and cones). Our new plan is for me to spend Saturdays with Bella and Evan at their house, and grateful for it. Then I’ll have Saturday night, Sunday and Monday with Sue. Adapting. So lucky to have them all in my life.

Update: for those of you who have followed Portland protests with interest, there's a new documentary that looks to be brilliantly made, and it will be available Monday and Tuesday only. Trailer here. Register to see it free here. Second Update: Incredibish says it's available in the UK, but Veronica can't get it in France. I'm puzzled by this, but so much in life is confusing.

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