By flavia13


.....comes bob bob bobbin' along............

I was going to go out for a walk around Eggerslack Woods this morning when I got up it was raining and darling Hubby said "yep it's going to be like that all day!""

So change of plan, I've spent the day wrapping Christmas presents instead.  I've only a couple left to come and one to get so it was a job well done.  I still have to pretty them up with ribbons etc but at least they're in some semblance of order now.  A little bit in advance for me but I let to have it all done by mid to late November so I can sit back and enjoy December.  However it's going to be a strange one this year and I just hope I'm able to get my Mum over to us for the day, both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  My Dad always loved Christmas so much and it's when I think of him most, well that and his birthday of course.  

Whilst wrapping I watched a Channel 5 programme called "Gregg Wallace's Christmas Markets."  It turns out it was based in VIENNA - one of my favourite cities and it was the birthplace of the Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmart). It was so interesting that it took me longer than it would otherwise have done.  I would so loved to have gone to Vienna for Christmas at some point, but as I no longer have a passport, won't get into an aeroplane again and would probably never be able to afford it that's just a dream - still it's good to have a dream.

As it turned out I could have gone for a walk, so now if it's half decent tomorrow I'll go somewhere for a good walk.

I noticed young Robin here right opposite my bedroom window whilst talking to my Mum on the phone.  I didn't dare open it as I knew he would disappear.  So it's a bit far away but if I zoom in too much it gets very noisy and I didn't get much chance to adjust anything as I just said to Mum to hang on whilst I took this photo very quickly.   He bombs past Hubby a lot when he's in the garden, but whenever I go out there, even if I sit for a while he just doesn't appear.  I know he's nesting nearby somewhere, could even be in one of front shrubbery.

There is a saying that Robin's appear when loved ones are near and it always reminds me of when my Dad died, there was a Robin appeared regularly at my Mum's front room window looking in and then flying off!!!

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