Lockdown 2.11 - Sunny Interlude

Yesterday’s rain continued on and off in the night (although there was a break in the evening and I got another walk in, just around the residential streets). I also managed a short walk around the park before we got more rain this morning. The park is now officially a swamp!  I may avoid it for awhile!  

Thankfully the rain stopped late morning which was a good thing because I had planned a picnic walk with a friend. Look at that beautiful blue sky and yellow leaves!  That was taken as I standing in my driveway about to leave the house at noon. It reminds me of Colorado - the blue skies we get almost every day in the winter, and the yellow aspen leaves.

The other views were taken while we sat and had our picnic. We were at Maidenhead Thicket - National Trust land. There are 3-4 picnic tables dotted around and this one is my favourite because it’s in the sun. (Previously blipped here and here.) There were lots of walkers but no one seemed to be having a picnic so we snagged the table. Actually, it was only the car park that was busy. After so much rain everyone was eager to get out and enjoy the sunshine. There’s plenty of room to spread out in the thicket. There was LOTS of mud!

The clouds started to gather while we ate and we got a little bit of light rain on us but only for a couple of minutes. Our timing was perfect, however, because right when we got back to our cars the rain started to pelt down. Hoping for more sunny mild weather these next 2-3 weeks!  I like these picnics with friends!

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