Picnic & Mushroom Hunting 2.0

Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting today!  

After a boring morning of phonecalls and paperwork Mum decided we needed fresh air - AND a picnic!  Yay!  It was a beautiful day and she knew just the spot!  So she made a sandwich and a flask of coffee and off we went to Maidenhead Thicket. It's a lovely forest owned by the National Trust and she knew that there were picnic tables here and there. She knew one that would be in the sun!

We hadn't intended on doing another mushroom hunt (see yesterday's blip) but there were so many so of course Mum took loads of pictures!  The one in the middle far left was a log she'd blipped almost a year ago on Nov 6th. That fungi was old now, but there were plenty of fresh ones.

It was SO warm in the sun!  We could have stayed all afternoon!  But Mum had an appointment so we had to go and we really hope there are a few more warm sunny days for picnics in the next couple of weeks.

Today is our 1000 blip day!  Wow!  We've missed a few here and there which Mum says we need to go back and fill in.  And we don't comment enough on our friend's blips.  But we love blipfoto and looking at lots of other journals and making new friends!  I even met my very best friend, Alice, through blipfoto!  

What a great thing is blipfoto!  Maybe we'll do another 1000!

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