By Pinkhairedlady

Moving boxes

So today was the start of the Mission Christmas charity campaign and we spent the day (socially distanced) moving boxes, putting up signs, creating lanes for walking in and generally getting ready fur the first set of volunteers to arrive on Wednesday. Normally we’d have between 20 and 40 people in every day to help sort the tits and bag them up as per the requests received but this year things are quite different. There will be a maximum of 10 on any given day so our processing capacity will be reduced.

Quite tired when I got home and heading fit an early bath when I realised that today is the day I’m guest hosting Mono Monday - sorry Chantler53 for my lack of publicising but I imagine there are many people who participate every week without promoting!

I’ve had to recycle a blip from a few weeks ago as it fits the theme of
Shape & Form in the Landscape: Openings MM356
- eg gates, doors, burrows, stiles, tunnels
Inspirational photographer: Nico Goodden
much better than the only other blip I took today of a rather cheeky boy who has worked out how to climb onto the top of his crate! (see extras)

Please make sure you tag your entries with MonoMonday or MM356 so I can find them. I will try to give out hearts by the end of the week. Looking forward to seeing your entries.

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