Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


I spent quite a lot of the morning opening packages, which had been in quarantine; most contained Christmas presents. I also found time to open my wine box and put the goodies away. This year the box contained a beautiful soap and hand lotion set, which I will keep.
I then spent time checking over the spreadsheets and now I cannot do anything further.
I also sorted out one of my husband’s Addenbrookes hospital appointments where they were insisting that he attend and that it could not be a telephone conversation. Our local GP surgery had telephoned when we went on the second lockdown and told him on no account was he to go to the surgery and that they had cancelled his routine blood test for now. If he is not safe visiting a small GP surgery then he certainly is not safe going to Addenbrookes. I won in the end and the appointment will take place as a telephone conversation.
Today’s picture is of some birds feeding on the fat balls. The garden is almost empty of wildlife, especially the deer and there are few flowers and fruits that have not already been blipped.
The temperature today was fourteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon.   

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