Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Quiet day

Altogether a quiet and peaceful day.  I did manage to find an online  birthday pres for my son and - great excitement - got my first greeting card samples.  A birthday card for J and two sample Christmas cards all with my blips on them.  Really pleased with the quality!

This is a rather pensive-looking Hazel.  She's not keen on having the camera turned on her, but such a little sweetheart.  Apart from this she's been very cuddly.

Christmas news: there is already a huge inflated snowmen and FC illuminating Hillier Way (just round the corner).  And both the city's lights and tree are up and ready to go.  Wonder if they'll turn them on at the usual time (ie this week) or wait till after lockdown.  But will that last be the promised 2nd Dec or a whole lot later?

Happy Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning  xx

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