Joyous sight!

The beautiful tulle to make the ballet skirts for Luna has arrived, and a day early. It was a joy to receive, the colours more vibrant than I thought, the perfect length so will only need one cut for each and all for under a tenner. I hope I will do it justice in the making. The first bolero is complete and a second one half finished. It would have been done but an unexpected phone call from my brother, in the middle of Bake Off, delayed it. 
It was good to catch up with him, his wife and his son. They have the phone on speaker so we can have a four way conversation. He is unhappy that he now needs oxygen all the time to get about and has had several panics about not being able to catch his breath. He thinks it's probably because he is trying to run before he can walk and not pacing himself. He is very frustrated that his breathing is so much worse since he went to hospital and they gave him oxygen 24/7, he feels he has now become reliant on it. The 'breathing' nurse is paying him a visit on Thursday so I'm hoping she will be able to give him some reassurance and guidance to moving forward. My SIL pushed him out in the wheelchair yesterday for some fresh air and a change of scene which lifted his mood a little. I told him small steps and celebrate being alive! We had almost an hour chatting and he managed that with hardly any coughing or catching his breath and that is a huge improvement. 
I made Dhal Tadka and naan breads for dinner, a new recipe on both counts and it wasn't bad. I think the dhal may have been a bit thicker than it should have been but nonetheless palatable. 
In other news one of the hens was not satisfied with the huge new space they have to roam but managed to find itself in the main garden! It was happy for Barry to pick it up and return it to the brood. We will definitely have to make that larger space completely escape proof before we can let Reg into the garden unleashed!
Another full and busy day gone!

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