By Kipsie

I've been very industrious

today, & still not completed my task. Sifting, fiddling about, filling packets, writing labels, sealing packets. It's very time consuming, still it was a miserable day so perfect weather for such a job. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these packets of seeds, it would be nice to get a little something for each packet, the proceeds could go to Rowcroft, BUT I don't mind giving them away, most are easy peasy just scatter in the garden, cover with soil.  Hey presto plants! Great to get kids into growing :-) 
Mid afternoon the sun broke through, blue skies for a while. I shouted down to hubby suggesting we go for a walk. "No, it's too cold". 30minutes later he tells me he's going for a walk ... "Hang on a minute, I'll join you". I grabbed my camera having not got a blip for today's Wide Wednesday 'Industrial' challenge, & off we set. The few remaining leaves on a cherry tree in the churchyard looked beautiful with the sun behind them, I stopped to take a pic or two. Hubby walked on. I caught him up. He remarked on me stopping to take pics. OPS!! We passed a building site, a very recent delivery of cement was being moved around by 9-10 workmen filling in & levelling a path at the entrance. A perfect subject for the blip but rather than upset hubby I carried on walking. I tossed up whether to go back up to get a pic but plumped for going back upstairs & continuing with the seed packing. I thought I'd be finished today but no, back at it again tomorrow afternoon I reckon.

Dinner tonight Delia's Steak & kidney pie with a suet crust. Slightly deconstructed, I cooked the suet crust lids separately. Very tasty, a crumb went down the wrong way unfortunately ........

Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday. All been passed on to Mum. X

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting

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