By Kipsie

All work & no play,

well not until all the work is done, apart from me plonking the camera on the compost bin, setting the timer, then dashing to & fro for the above blip, that was fun. So pleased I WAS the only person up on the allotment site at that time. I probably need to get out more, in actual fact after breakfast & before lunch would have been a good idea today. That way I would probably have completed the weeding, turned the compost heap, dug out the vicious, thorny, not very productive blackberry, AND planted the onion sets, BUT I did'nt go up until after lunch. The sun was shining & really warm, I started by doing some of the weeding, swede, parsnip, leeks, & mooli now relieved of unwanted bed mates, I pulled up the row of  60 day Raab, a freebie in a gardening magazine given to me, I'd never heard of it before. I think the chickens on the allotment site will enjoy them more than me. Yep! They were very happy. Their run completely bare. The patch of wild flower seed that I sowed late is looking strong, the nasturtiums though a victim of the frosty night, so they came out, leaving behind lots of seeds.  The row of Asparagus pea plants are looking very strong which I'm a bit surprised at as they are an Asian vegetable so imagined them to be very tender .. they might not form beans of course. The weeds went in the compost bin topped up with the grass cuttings, & veg peelings from yesterday. By 4.30 it was getting chilly, the sun was setting away in the west. Someone somewhere had a beautiful sunset tonight. Time to head home. Packed everything away & locked up. The Magners used for props, just happened to be in the boot of the car in readiness for it's ride to Torquay tomorrow so went back there. Too chilly to sit and enjoy on the plot at this time of year.
Warm as toast at home it was now time for a Magners, & Cash Trapped.
Faggots chips & mushy peas for dinner tonight. Proper butchers faggots, very tasty they were too. The Culinaire Easican, well I just happened to line it up correctly ................. for once. That was pure luck.
Made a couple of apple thingies with the surplus apple sauce from yesterday, a scrap of pastry from the freezer, a few breadcrumbs and a sprinkle of brown sugar.
Packed my foodie bag, & sorted some vegetarian recipes that I had on my pinboard. I shall be doing some experimenting while I'm looking after Ella the Wonderdog. Her Mum is away for a month.
Clothes packed, laptop too, shortly.

Thanks to MerrilHope for hosting and setting the extra challenge Rest, Work, & Play

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