By Kipsie

Japonica/Quince jelly made

These are the seed saved before the cooking began, now I've just read that they germinate easily, so I shall have to make space for more plants. I obviously don't know the variety as the fruits came from the cemetery, & this may just have been an exceptional year for fruits but they were big so I'm hoping any grown from the seed will be the same. From seed to fruiting in four years. That's not too long to wait. Although the pulp was cloudy after straining overnight once boiled up with the sugar today it's turned a beautiful amber colour, smells quite aromatic, & should be very tasty with cold meats. I did make a slight boo boo. In my haste to fill the jars I forgot to remove the scum first... Oh bum!!!! I managed to salvage the jelly apart from one tiny bit of scum which I just could'nt fish out of the jar. More Xmas pressies done. They just need  lid covers & a bit of string or raffia. 
Today is Mum's birthday, 88 years young. I rang her, told her I was on my way down with cake etc.. I took Indie for a lap of the heath, a tad soggy underfoot but fun nevertheless. We then spent the morning drinking coffee, eating cake and nattering. She had a few phone calls with birthday wishes. It would have been lovely to go out for lunch, hopefully we will get a belated birthday lunch as soon as the Covid restrictions are eased. Eight years ago Mum was with us in Thailand, celebrating her 80th kayaking in the sea with me, something she had never done before, or since, plus other shenanigans. Memorable!

Thanks to Jill JDO for hosting Tiny Tuesday

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