By Kipsie

Openings giving shape & form to the landscape

I immediately thought of cattle grid, no idea why.
At 07:15hrs "we" did the Covid 19 test, the box went in the fridge, he went back to bed, I ate my breakfast & did the crossword. An e.mail came through informing me that Yodel would be collecting the box between 08:17 - 10.17. The courier arrived at 8:40am. Job done. I jumped in the car intending to drive up to the moor, just got out of Chudleigh when it began to rain, I swiftly turned around, back to Chudders I picked up the paper, grabbed my camera & walked back up to get some pics of the church entrance. Erm!!! Light was awful, pics were'nt much better. Home again. I prepped, cooked & filled Mum's tights with the fruit pulp. Made up a drip .. in 24hours I will magically turn it into Japonica jelly. Fingers crossed. I've never made it before. Now 11.30, hubby still in bed. I'm getting tetchy. I needed to go out. Made him a coffee & told him I was off out for an hour with my camera. I drove up to the moor, still a tad dreary, & bitterly cold when I got out of the car. Not a day for hanging about. I parked just before Hemsworthy Gate as I thought the cattle grid there would make a good blip, Top Tor away in the distance. I drove back a little way and parked to take a few more photos, then spotted a man feeding the ponies to the left of me, next a woman jumped out of the car, ran across the road and began feeding ponies with apples. One of the apples rolled down onto the road as traffic was approaching, the pony naturally went after it. Fortunately the traffic moved out around the pony. I shouted across to her and told her she should not be feeding the ponies, explaining that it encouraged them down to the roadside where they are likely to get killed. She said she had'nt seen any sign, then shouted to the chap. No he had'nt seen any signs. They both got in their car, the ponies surrounded them making it difficult for them to manoeuvre out of the car park.   I drove back from Hay Tor down to Manaton, the road narrowing the further along I ventured. I must have been this way before just not remembered it, but it was so pretty. The beech trees still holding on to a few leaves. I came out on the Manaton junction, driving back above the  Bovey Valley woods. I had to stop again ... the birch tree trunks looked beautiful. More pics.
Back home, hubby is out of bed, now got a problem with his laptop. A problem I can't solve after faffing about for about 30mins. He phoned a friend, I spoke to him, we still could'nt fix the problem. 

I really miss walking on the moor. Years ago when I was working, myself and a friend would be up there every week on our day off, suitably dressed for whatever the elements threw at us, walking all day, eating a packed lunch, huddled under a holly bush in the pouring rain, sitting on top of a tor admiring the surroundings. Bliss!

Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting this weeks Mono Monday challenge. You got me back up on the moor .. :-)

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