By Kipsie

George waz 'ere

This is a fine example of Georges gardening prowess .... love 'im! He loves plastic coated gardening wire,  his sight is not so good so he just cuts off a length of wire, any length, but always far more than required as you can see from the blip then winds it round and round. A nightmare removing it. . We joke about it all the time, Jean popped her head out round the door this morning as I was removing the wire .. "Give it to me Viv, I'll put it straight in the bin" .. Jean's the gardener in this household ... George  "I just do as I'm told". Well, when Jean is around to supervise that is. Thankfully she was back on her feet this morning when I arrived. A gloriously sunny warm morning, perfect for gardening. 
George "I'm having fun with Alexa, she knows everything. Did you know that if Hitler had won the war he was going to have the statue of Nelson moved to Berlin?" "Then I started asking her about Horatio Nelson but I stuttered before saying Nelson so she told about ratios ... "In mathematics, a ratio... " He thought that was very funny "Is'nt technology incredible" Then he shuffled off to sit in the greenhouse for 15-20minutes, chatting to me as I worked outside, before he went back indoors. He is a treasure. I spent 4 hours emptying pots & tubs, and brushing up the oak leaves. There are still more to come so it's going to be an ongoing job. The garden waste bin full.

Had a message from my brother to say he could'nt make Sunday. I spoke to Mum and we decided to have her birthday dinner here, so I popped into the butcher in Bovey Tracey and picked up a joint.
Then had another call Mum, could I pick up some rat poison. The next door neighbours had seen a large rat on their drive this morning. I don't know if they put poison down, but Mum always feels as if they are holding her responsible. Their gardens back onto a rhyne, then heathland. there will always be rats around. You just don't see them. Anyway, I swung by Mole Valley Farmers picked up rat poison, a pack of 4 tasty looking butchers faggots, & half a dozen free range eggs. Riverside eggs?. I knew the name but could'nt place it, then I realised it's the poultry farm in Teignharvey opposite where Yogi lives.
Back to Mum's put the rat poison down, then Chudders. Hubby had put all the garden waste outside for me to load up for the allotment. That done it was nearly 4pm when I came in. My piece of toast at breakfast time had kept me going. time for a little snack to keep me going til dinner. Before I knew it it was cider o'clock. That Magner's was very welcome.
Strictly from Blackpool ................ who's going to go???? I think Michelle could be hanging up her dancing shoes this week.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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