Brayford Pool by night

This evening after work I went to visit Mum to make sure she was ok. She told me sh had had a fall trying to move something so she got told off for not waiting for me or someone else to visit and move the item for her. Thankfully she is ok just a sore bum as she said she had fell on that. 
After a catch up with here I then left to get some tea. I drove past the Brayford pool so decided to get my tripod out and take a couple of shots. on this one the shutter was open for 5 seconds to allow some light in to get a lovely golden glow. Blip sorted it was onto the chip shop and then back home for tea.  We have the final state of origin NRL rugby League game to watch . England play tonight but they cant qualify so wont waste my time watching them after the poor performance at the weekend . 

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