By LincolnWarrior

Movember Selfie

A trip to get a few bits of shopping after work and then home. Not wanting to go out this evening as I wanted to get my tea so that we could then settle down ready for some super League Rugby League. Tonight is the 1st semi-final for a place in next weeks grand final . Wigan play hull FC at home the 1st time since we have played at the DW stadium back in March when we went over to watch them before the 1st Lockdown . All our matches have been played at other stadiums where they could host 2 or 3 matches on the same day. 
So just time for a quick blip shot of Me , as you can see I have a Goatee for Movember  but if its like last time I grew one it stayed on for most of the winter. I'm not doing it for charity but just to show my support . Not the best of shots as I'm not very photogenic or any good at selfies 

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