Not A Star to be seen

Another busy day again so once I had finished work it was time to head home get changed and go search out a blip.
I headed into town as last night it was the official turning on of the Christmas lights.. I didn't go last night and was pleased I didn't as it was packed shoulder to shoulder . This shot shows the tree in the city square  but no star or fairy on the top so will have to make do with a full moon . 
Back home via a trip to Heron to get a few frozen bits . Tea out the way  will settle down to watch some more squid games on Netflix and a couple of beers. Work in the morning for me.
Gave Mum a ring tonight still aching from her booster and a little wobbly and feeling aa little drained, but as we said its a small sacrifice to pay if the booster keeps covid away from her  

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