By LincolnWarrior

Jetting Off

Work this morning was followed by a trip to Metheringham to pick Julie up. I had planned to take a shot of my tree today with a lovely sunrise before going to work but sadly no sunrise this morning to cloudy .
Once home this afternoon I then went for a walk along the riverbanks to search out a blip. Lovely blue sky and great light . I spotted this plane flying high overhead probably taking people on holiday .
Back home and when it was ready for Julie to go to work I went and dropped her off and while down that way dropped a big bag of bird seed off at Mums . She is doing a lot better her arm still aches from her booster.
This afternoon I booked a hotel for next year in Newcastle in preparation for next years Rugby Magic weekend which is set to be announced  as been held there again next year. We have decided to book for 4 nights so that we can enjoy an extra day exploring the area 
Julie is at work tonight so I will have a film night by myself before picking her up later followed by a couple of beers late on. No more than a couple as I have an eye test tomorrow so don't want to be seeing double 

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