Slow boat to Lincoln

A relaxed morning today as at dinner time I had an eye test booked . I must admit it been about 4 years since my last one. I decided I should have one as I thought my eyes had got worse . I was wrong my long vision which is the reason I have to wear glasses has got no worse. With age there has been a slight change in my short vison this is probably partly down to spending a lot of my day on a computer in artificial light. It was suggested I either got a separate pair for computer work or some varifocal glasses. I opted for Varifocal as I don't want to have to mess around changing glasses as I have to wear them all the time. I will get my new glasses in 2 weeks time . I was pleased to get out the options as I had to wear a face mask all the time which did cause a problem with the eye test machine steaming up like my glasses sometimes do. But a small sacrifice to pay for safety.
While in town I took a couple of shots on my mobile , I really like this old boat stacked up with lots of what looks like junk but probably isn't to  the owner. I also picked up some cat litter then home to get ready to visit Jeri and the family. Back home now and time to relax hoping to watch some more squid games tonight if there is time.

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