Lockdown 2.14 - Making Friends

I had TWO walks today. I was out early and saw a gorgeous sunrise - hardly a cloud in the sky. But not for long. The clouds soon rolled in and it ended up being a grey damp day.

I was supposed to meet a friend for a picnic lunch but she needed to cancel so I decided to go anyway. I almost stayed home because it was lightly raining on and off but I’m not one to be deterred too easily. I enjoyed my soup and sandwich by the lake and finished with a flask of coffee and the chocolate I bought yesterday. I walked a bit and then had a sit on the log in my favourite place. Just in time to be entertained by this sweet elderly dog (Flossie) and one of the swans. They were very interested in each other but neither one attempted to get too close. I love the red coat! Apparently Flossie hates it!

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