By KatesGardenPDX

A Few Blossoms Left in the Garden

It was foggy and COLD this morning. I waited until 11:00 am to go for my walk...and it was a brisk one. But the sun was starting to come out and by afternoon it was sunny - still cool but a lovely afternoon. 

I had a chiropractor's appointment - all very safe and a long call for the botanical garden. In between, a wander in the garden netted this interesting looking calendula - not like the others at all, but I thought it would make an interesting blip. An iPhone photo since time was short but I think it's fine.

Tomorrow is going to be a sunny day so I'll be out in the garden planting all those bulbs that are waiting for me!  

So glad you liked my angel gazing at the autumnal tree yesterday! Thank you so much for your lovely comments and stars!

Happy Friday! Here's to a safe and pleasant weekend!

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