By Pinkhairedlady

Like butter wouldn’t melt.....

.........but I still eat my own poop if you don’t watch me!

Today started well as I had a lie in till almost 9 - bliss. I went downstairs to make my breakfast - a mini fry up of square/Lorne sausage with mushrooms and a fried egg accompanied by tea and toast. I made the mistake of putting the plate and my cup on the table and turned my back for a second and quick as a flash Phin jumped into the chair, lunged for the tea and took a slurp. I could hardly wipe up the spillage for laughing.

The rest of the day was taken up with walking the dog, washing dishes and getting a lasagne ready for tea. I made two as I was heading to my friend Susan’s (as part of our extended household) so I could have dinner with her and her puppy.

We had a lovely few hours chatting and playing with the puppy or cuddling her when she slept. Susan says she’s been a little more active and eaten/drunk a bit more so she’s a little less concerned than she was yesterday. she ate and drank when I was there and although she peed she still hasn’t pooped. but she’s bouncy and happy, licky and keen to be petted so I hope she’s starting to settle.

Came home just before 9 to be told about Phin eating his poop earlier in the evening - silly puppy.

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