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By njoyce06

Sights From Bike Ride, Today.......

The thumbnail shows the head of a beautiful metal sculpture of a sand crane.   The colors don't match but thats what i think it is supposed to be.....    Only the metal is a bluish and lovely in the sun!
The lighthouse belongs to a villa owner.  he told me today he is setting it up for Christmas, but won't turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving.  The gentleman was using electric from lamppost.  Thel ighthouse opens and wraps around the lamppost, the beacon is the lamplight.  It was really clever.
The third sight was a stump at OTOW.  It is older and rotting away,   The day was perfect for bike riding.  I got another 10 miles in, pleasantly and  relaxingly.     Only to be shattered when i got home.  I was walking the girls to the mailbox after putting Silver away.  As I got closer to the area  car sped by us,  approached the stop sign, but didn't apply any brake, as the lights didn't come on.    A golf cart was approaching from the left, assuming the car would stop.   the car T-boned the golf cart, shoved it sideways, rip a right front tire off, ejecting the man through the windshield, up over the curb, onto and across the grass a 1/2  car length.   The golf cart ran over the ejected man, lacerating his leg, ankle and foot.
   I left the girls with Pat, a friend.  I went to the accident and applied pressure on a bleeding wound,  the man was responding to questions but dazed.  Pam arrived and started checking everyone and helped the wife, who was driving to get out sit down, and then went to the car driver.   We assed everyone else , with only the one injury.   I hollered at the people standing around to call 911 and send an ambulance for an injury.

And here I thought all those skills were rusty and maybe even gone.  It's funny how the adrenaline soars and one remembers immediately what to do, when and how.    However, I didn't get a single photo......     that wasn't part of the emergency procedures.
No more, thank you.   I really have had enough.   

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