Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Positively the last!

Not the most pleasant day today, tho' it started off with sunshine and we debated taking a picnic out at lunchtime. By the time it came to making up a picnic lunch however it had clouded over and began to rain. Once it had cleared up I spent an hour or so outside raking up leaves and transferring them to the leafmould heap. That's most of the leaves down around here, but no doubt there'll be more blowing about. I don't mind - I quite like raking up leaves! Wet again this afternoon.

Bit of an Emergency Blip today - my darker pink Christmas cactus - almost a bicolor, I suppose. Definitely my last CC Blip! Three weeks ago when I posted my first Schlumbergera picture, Gritty challenged me to write a limerick about them. So it's not my fault - here it is!! 

Limerick of the Day:

A gardener keen on his gerberas
Tried to hybridise them with schlumbergeras.
But his worthy ambition
Brought him no recognition,
Though at least it deterred all the burglars!

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