By Rosemarie55


8°C  -  21 mph SSW Wind Speed  -  29 mph Gusts  -  Overcast.  Haven’t ventured out today except to fill up the feed trays.  Only a Robin and a Pigeon have visited so far.  I took  few shots of both, and have chosen this shot of the Pigeon because it shows the affect light has had on the shed.  This shot is straight out of the camera  -  no faffing at all.  The shed is the same colour on all sides, but because the light is brighter on one side  -  south side where the sun usually shines  -  it has lightened that side of the shed in the shot.  I have chosen this Extra of the Robin because it shows how the wind has ruffled his feathers.  The Great Tit was taken yesterday, but I forgot to include him  -  it’s not a very clear shot, but he doesn’t visit very often and flits in and out in nano seconds that I was lucky to capture him at all. I’ve also included another of today’s Pigeon.

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