By LincolnWarrior

Lapping it up

A very cold morning and the car was well and truly frosted over so no time for a blip this morning before work. After work I didn't want to hang around as I wanted to get home to watch the man of steel awards for the rugby League season that is just coming to an end . A bit of a shock result for the main  winner as it was the last player I would have thought from the short list of 5 . The coach of the year was a well deserved winner in Adrian Lam the coach of Wigan which as you know is the team I support .
I was going to go for a quick walk after the program to search out a blip but Julie suggested I blipped Minstrel who was sleeping on her lap. Blip so9rted it was time for some tea and then a relaxing evening.

On a final note People who follow me will know a bit about my family. Four months ago our lovely child who you will have know as Jae had realised that they was Transgender . Which came as a shock but not a disappointment and would like to be known as GRACE . She has now  changed her name by Deed poll and we officially can shout to the world that we are proud of her and she has our full support .

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