Poppy Seedheads and Grasses

I got woefully behind with my aims today. I wanted to clean up the shelves in the conservatory from the summer debris of insects and their shit, literally, but moving things made my back ache and I got slower and slower.

Len moved the backdrop stands into the garage as i'd intended to finally put together a pumpkin still life first imagined in October. At 4.30pm he told me he'd moved the stands aside if only because he wanted to put the car in the garage. I'd also got distracted by preparing for a workshop tomorrow. Finding  my photographic style. Well that will be a laugh. I was supposed to find 30-40 photos on the net that resonated with me and put them in a folder on my desktop. Have they not heard of copyright?

Anyway, there had been so little notice, that I resorted to capture photos in several of my photobooks (other authors) with my phone. Even so, it took over an hour.

I didn't get to photograph my pumpkins but I did clean up a long stretch of shelf. And for today's blip, I took this photo of dried poppy seedheads and grasses that I'd plonked in the vase as part of the cleaning.

You'd think it should be in black and white, but I was very taken with the lovely hue of blue on the seedhead of the central stem.

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