By Veronica

Lockdown baking

Something to occupy the idle hours. R sent me a recipe for little mincemeat cakes, so having restocked on butter and eggs I thought I might as well try it. Very quick and easy to do: an all-in-one mixture with a dollop of mincemeat in the middle. I was a bit shocked that she'd sent me the quantities in Imperial measures, and I had to pause to convert them to proper metric. They are not bad -- I think I made them a bit too big though.

As it's Tuesday, they were preceded by the Tuesday takeaway pizza, so a carb-heavy evening ... I may watch GBBO later, or leave it till tomorrow.

Yesterday we watched yet another Billy Wilder film, The Fortune Cookie. Not one of his great classics, but you can never go wrong with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. And then we finished reading Jonathan Coe's latest novel, Mr Wilder and Me. We found it a bit slight -- not one of his classics either -- but it was an easy, lightweight read. I've also finished The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock -- a frothy read that was just what I needed, so thank you freespiral!

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