By Veronica

Drip drip

Alerte orange for an épisode méditerranéenne of heavy rain yesterday and today. In fact we haven't had as much as predicted, maybe about 50 mm. It was chucking it down yesterday evening. The pizza van made it (hurrah!), but J-L decided it wasn't worth opening the bar. So we invited A and B and S and R round to ours with their pizzas, added a few bottles of wine, and we all huddled round the fire -- a nice way for A and B to spend their last evening here.

This morning they were back, to spend a bug-ridden hour and a half on filling in their passenger locator forms. Then they set off into the rain -- hopefully they have now made it to drier climes.

I popped out in a brief lull in the downpour -- no flooding to be seen, I'm happy to say. We are booked at the Centre Culturel for circus fun this evening -- I'm fairly confident we'll make it.

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