By Veronica

Rinse and repeat

I will stop soon. The leaves are blowing off anyway, and pruning has started.

I failed to take any photos the last two days, not a single one. It wasn't as if I didn't have opportunities, I just couldn't summon up enthusiasm. On Saturday evening we were invited to P and M's along with six other people for a typically French soirée raclette. It was a convivial evening, albeit with more discussion of car financing options than I would have liked (why do people lease cars?).

Sunday evening was English book group chez moi. I laid on a fine spread, including my test Dundee cake. M, who is Scottish, told me it was very good and that Dundee cake is supposed to be dense. I'm not convinced French people will understand that though, so I'm going to make something else.

We talked about The Margot Affair, which I was not keen on but surprisingly most people enjoyed, even if they thought it had its faults and was not great literature ... "easy to read".

Today's link: this morning I enjoyed some Vivaldi played on an unusual instrument ... don't laugh until you've heard Spring from The Four Seasons played on an accordion. I've always thought it an under-rated instrument -- in skilled hands it can be remarkable. This led me down a wormhole of other classical music on the accordion. Bach Toccata and Fugue anyone?

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