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Choose your perfume

Slept well last night whether it was lack of pain because the painkillers worked or because they knocked me out, I don't really care. The only thing is it took me until 11am until I felt awake. I went out for a walk down to the shop and managed not to get wet which was a good result.
The notice on my blip was on the door of a takeaway near by. It makes me smile every time I pass. I don't have musk but hopefully my favourite perfume will be OK!
Back home for a quick lunch and a call from Katy to say they'd pop in after picking Eilidh up from school. I popped out for another walk then home just in time to make a quick batch of scones. The rain started off for their visit to the back garden but we had all the lights in the house shining out into the garden so we could see. It was so good to see the girls and Kathryn too, they are such fun. Eilidh practising on the stilts while apologising for making jokes in the lawn. Isobel meanwhile got a wee toy stove out to make us our tea. I can't imagine what we looked like sitting in our coats on a dark, damp November evening drinking tea and eating scones while the children played around us. If you'd told us we'd consider doing so pleasure this time last year we'd have laughed at you!
Tuesday is the only day they can come as it is the only day their mum doesn't work so Isobel isn't at nursery and Eilidh is picked up at 3.15 rather than going to after school club which she does every other day.
She said to me, as we were sitting on the bench, "I hoped I would be able to come and see you after school today, and here I am", then gave me a cuddle. What a joy, we are so lucky, such a lovely visit.
I had a phone follow up about my BCC removal at yes time, to say the pathology was clear and there should be no recurrence, which is good news. I'll keep up the massage and silicone gel for scar minimalisation for a few months yet though.
We had bridge this evening, I played the first half and was very happy to hand over to Colin in a nice positive position. He managed to maintain that and we ended up in the winning side at the end of the evening.

Talk about the powers of fb, I put a request onto our local page asking to borrow a pair of adult sized angel wings. Within 5 minutes a pair had been offered and turned out to belong to our next door neighbour but one. They live in a flat so we hadn't actually met them, but what a coincidence. I now have the wings and most of my outfit as lead angel. Just have to learn my 3 lines now.

Cuddles at Christmas, but will we risk it?

Steps today 11000, pleased.

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