Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair


These two have been tantalising Cleo for the last few days as they bill and coo outside the window. She is beside herself chattering at them to no avail through the glass.
Wednesday this morning so church first thing. We changed the altar afterwards putting our advent blue frontal on. It does look lovely all ready for Advent which starts this Sunday. No flowers for the next four weeks though which I will miss. Still I can anticipate them as well as Christmas.
I took a trip out this afternoon to Craigie farm butchers so then to Ali's to exchange some clean washing for some dirty....I'm not sure I'm the winner in that exchange somehow but it was nice to see her albeit briefly!
I spent the rest of the afternoon getting some papers ready for our charity's AGM and board meeting tomorrow at which I shall be giving notice of my intention to resign as soon as they can find a replacement for Me we caught up with Monday's Only Connect this evening and an episode of Scots Squad got light relief. In this one they pulled Artie Tresize and Cilla for going through a red light and ended up singing Singing Kettle songs by the side of the road. Priceless!

Keep safe everybody,let's all try to keep those numbers under some control.

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