By ArcLight

Mono tree in colour

A pretty busy day, but I managed a short walk around the park at lunchtime between commitments, alongside a spinning bike session. In terms of finding a blip, Pilrig Park's trees are a gift that keeps giving.

The morning was a review board, which was a bit infuriating. One of those things that really didn't work well as a zoom meeting. At the end of the day I chaired a webinar with speakers across four time zones. Now that worked really well, and was one of those rare 'value-added' elements of having to rethink our academic activities, now there really isn't any travel for events. I do miss in person events, but sometimes one has the pleasure of bringing together a small group of speakers, who all gel in some way. Most of the speakers didn't know each other before, and several of them had taken the trouble to read each other's work between accepting the invitation and delivering their papers. Hence there were nice cross references, and a sense of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Good questions from the audience as well - whose participation was as great as can reasonably be expected using the zoom webinar function.

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