Autumn sun

The weather improved a lot today. I've had two good walks and not a spot of rain. In fact it's been sunny all day to the extent that it was worth hanging the washing out. Now, at just after 4:00pm, the moon is shining brightly but the daylight is not quite gone.

Up what passes for early these days as the boiler was due to be serviced. In the end the plumber had to go to an emergency and wasn't here till getting on for 10:00. No harm done and the boiler is now shipshape for the winter.

Met a friend this afternoon for a circuit of Kings Park. We'd thought the cafe would be open for takeaway but it was firmly closed. I listened to the First Minister at lunchtime. What we're 'permitted' to do at Christmas and what we should do are two different things. It needs careful thought. Let's hope it's a mild day and we can have time together in the garden. A day like today would be ideal!

Here are some of the trees in the park.

Tonight the Community Council will hold its AGM online. We've tried to make it a positive review of the year and I must say I think we've managed to do quite a lot despite the strange circumstances.

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