What to wear on Christmas Day - sorted

A friend has been giving me the dressing up clothes that her children have outgrown for my grandchildren to enjoy. Today she delivered another bag of fun. In amongst the sparkly stuff was this amazing clown's outfit. I'm not sure it's quite big enough for me and yellow isn't really my colour. But otherwise I could have had a change of garb for the season. Here it is having a blow around on the washing line.

From everything I read and heard we're actually going to need fur lined (fake fur of course) thermals to have any kind of family time at Christmas but we shall see.

I'm setting off soon for a dog walk with a friend. It's cold and misty but I think the sun will win again.  The trees will look lovely where I'm going but I blipped them yesterday.

In other news the online AGM went well last night and it was good to have a round up for the last meeting of the year. In more frustrating news I'm about to return the FIFTH winter jacket I've tried to buy for warmth when I'm keeping cheery outside in lockdown. I know I'm lucky to contemplate a new jacket but honestly. Two have been faulty and three have just looked plain weird on me. None has been cheap. I'm giving up now and sticking to my old faithful till the January sales.

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