Woman Walking

By njoyce06

A Wonderful, Blessed Day: Happy Thanksgiving ....

The weather was beautiful...  cool in the morning, blue skies and warm in the afternoon.  While the girls and I were walking we saw this villa taking down the Turkey and putting up the snowman.  They were hurrying because the dinner was going on the table as we spoke.   More to come after the feast.
     I put my turkey in the oven at 11 am.  My plans changed when I found out the home I was going to had additional people come for the meal.   Since I had never met the people I politely backed out, made my apologies, and left my good wishes.
     It's really smelling great in the villa now, with the turkey baking, stuffing cooking, and all I am really getting hungry.    I wish everyone who celebrates a Happy Thanksgiving, and a blessed day to all those who don't.

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