Happy Thanksgiving!

A very quiet day, just my husband and me and a small turkey breast. But we started the day with a magnificent hike in the Hoyt Arboretum - about 3 miles on a long trail that winds around the perimeter of part of the arboretum. There were quite a few other people walking the trail, but all had masks and most everyone was pleasant, wishing a good morning or a happy Thanksgiving. We felt ready for a feast!

Many phone calls and emails/texts today - talked to all of my siblings, my parents and grandchildren and birthmother. It's a good day to be in touch with those you love.

The main blip and extras are all from the arboretum this morning. The main blip is of the fruit on a Hawthorne tree looking very festive. One of the last trees around here to lose its fruit....I'm not convinced that the birds really like this fruit, but there's certainly a lot of it should the need arise. 

The two extras are views in the arboretum. If it was a clear day, you'd be able to see Mt. St. Helens in the distance in the first one, and sometimes Mt. Rainier. For those of you who don't live in the US, you might not know that Mt. St. Helens erupted on May 18th, 1980 - the deadliest volcano in American history. It no longer has a peak...and has a fabulous visitor's center. Amazing history. However, that wasn't the focus today! 

The second shot is on one of the trails leading down into the arboretum. Thought you'd like to see some views of our region.

Hope you've had a marvelous day, Thanksgiving or not! 

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