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By 59

Friday flowers

I went out early to pick some roses for the neighbours at the back of our place, they are elderly and not very well and I feel bad I don’t visit them more often. I had a bucket full when another neighbour, Liz, passed and commented how much she likes my garden, so I gave her some flowers. Then our daughter arrived with ( sick) Leo and I gave her some, also some for her work colleague who loves flowers. So I had to pick some more. I called in on the first neighbour and there was no answer ( I think she is having treatment) then the other and stayed for an hour chatting.  I should do it more often as they rarely get out. I’ll pick some more and take to families on the other side of our place as I have plenty. 

Leo is playing a maths game on the computer and doesn’t want lunch, he is very quiet, a sign of sickness in a child. I’m not getting too close to him today as I don’t want to catch whatever it is he has. It’s always a strain on parents when their kids are sick, especially when they work full time. 

Last March it was my turn to organise a BCHC nurses lunch which was cancelled due to Covid restrictions starting that day.We all worked at the Bathurst Community Health Centre in the 80s and 90s and like to meet up monthly. So this morning I sent off a phone message and got replies, it’s always hard to find a suitable day but next week the Friday suits everyone (except one who is away). That was easy! Most of us are retired but we have babysitting or medical appointments at our stage in life. So we will be chatting “about new Covid skills” instead of “where we went on holidays“ this year. 

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