By CleanSteve

Swans circling each other on Frampton Court lake

I decided late in the day to make the most of the beautiful sunshine and drove a few miles to Frampton on Severn. I didn't get there until 2-30pm and the sun was already beginning to slip towards the horizon. I walked straight through the kissing gate at the entrance to Frampton Court, which took me the few hundred yards to the lake.

The light was suitably entrancing but it made it hard to get balanced exposures. I saw ducks, coots, wagtails, gulls, a heron and a Little Egret all flying and swimming, and an abundance of swans; I counted more than eighty swimming around the lake, where they can easily feed from its relatively shallow bottom. Occasionally swans would take off and fly several laps of the lake before landing back where they had come from.

This pair were engrossed with each other quite near to me and I shot this in the middle of a ritual whereby they circled each other at speed repeatedly, swam away and then returned for another bout. 

As I prepared to leave I saw a wonderful sight of mist beginning to form, rise and move sideways across the meadows beside the lake. When the sun set it produced magical light on the cobwebs and birds eating in the grass..

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