Capital adventures

By marchmont

A fine day

Woke up in the middle of the night, again. Started to listen to the back episodes of 'Mayday' but it wasn't right for my mood.

Drifted and fixed and eventually got up at after 9. Even Willow was up and out before me. Was meeting up with E for a proper catch up and coffee in was off to Mortonhall. Exchanged the defective amaryllis and spent some money.

Such a beautiful sunny day. We took the long route home via very dubby Mortonhall estate and the cleaner Braid Hills loop. A good walk, over 10k steps.

Back home planned the bulb, deqqqalt with the Hermes return, ordered some Christmas food, a tree and a present.

It is a very quiet and chilly evening but I've just had a long and very welcome catch up Zoom with L.

F2F - 5
Phone calls - 0
Virtual - 1

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