By hazelh

Water of Leith reflections

I only banked about 4 hours of sleep last night. This was between about 04:00 and 08:00 on the sofabed in the study to which I evicted myself at about 01:00. I was kept awake by my restless legs. They were really quite painful, probably on account of my longer run yesterday lunchtime.

Two hours before I quietly crept out, there was a rather strange incident in our bedroom. Mr hazelh, who had been sleeping quietly for at least an hour, suddenly made a very loud growling noise. It gave me quite a fright, and also startled my poor husband awake. Apparently he was dreaming that he was telling me off in the kitchen. This may have influenced my later dream: that a tigress and two tiger cubs were resident in a posh dress shop on Easter Road!

Anyway, back to today's main events: (1) a bike ride down to Leith to drop off The mirror and the light to lend to Katharine, plus cards for Katharine and Jack for their forthcoming birthdays; (2) gardening - mainly gathering leaves and weeding, finishing off the bed across the wall that adjoins our upstairs-but-one neighbour's garden. We have a chicken ready to roast this evening for tonight's dinner and another meal or two during the week. We will also use the bones to replenish the stock supplies used up in the soup brewing fest yesterday. Then it will be time for the next episode of The subtle knife.

I blipped the reflections on the Water of Leith on our way down to Jack's house. The building work is the conversion of the State cinema for housing, which I have mentioned in my journal before - on 28th May 2018.

Exercise today: 4.25 mile bike ride; gardening.

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